Our Twitter Marketing Service Includes

Original Social Media Posts

Our creative specialists are always included in the Twitter content creating process, as creativity is the key element of this social platform. We are creating 100% unique images and videos which are meeting business and social media goals following pre pre-discussed social media plan.

Twitter Page setup and optimization

If your organization is new to social media, our dedicated social media specialist will create and set up a social media account for your business. Your organization will have complete ownership of this account. If you already have social media pages we will optimize them on all platforms, fill in the required fields, and do all the technical configurations.

Cover & Profile photo design

We create cover and profile photos to suit your business goals, yet if you already have your version, our SMM specialist optimizes the existing versions.

Twitter page audit

Our specialists will review your previous posts, indicators, current activity, create a report and build a new social media strategy based on them.

Competitor analysis

We analyze your competitors on social media and bring out the quantitative and qualitative indicators, and based on that, we will create your social media strategy. For the analysis of competitors we use tools such as SocialBakers, Fanpagekarma, through which we get real time and complete information about-us-new the activities of your competitors.

Social media strategy

Getting acquainted with the goals of your business and analyzing your target audience, our specialists will create a custom social media strategy, according to which your future content plan and social media activities will be built.

Dedicated Social media manager

The account is managed by a Hootsuite certified Twitter specialist who inputs all the knowledge for getting maximum outcome.

Daily social media monitoring

This cycle is implemented all through the entire month. We react to customers’ comments, daily monitor the page by thoroughly studying the audience, performance metrics, competitors' indicators, and so forth.

Monthly consultations

Social platforms, trends, business goals are always changing, and if this is not expressed in social media page content, your business will fall behind your competitors. That’s why our strategists are always researching the field, offering customers new, unique solutions for their business monthly.

Transparent monthly report

This interaction is carried out at the end of each month. All our reports are 100% transparent. We study the quantitative and qualitative results of a month, analyze them and present the outcomes to you in the report structure. See Example.