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If you’re a brand wanting to prosper on social media, dominating Facebook marketing will be the key with 2.27 billion dynamic users. Today, this social network can do things a large number of us couldn't even imagine a few years ago: have 360-degree videos, create chatbots and sell items even better than sales consultants, connect with customers in real-time and answer their inquiries.
Similar to a personal profile, a Facebook business page is a public presence yet permits fans to “like” the business, brand, or organization. The businesses can raise brand awareness, convey and track advertising, gather detailed audience insights, communicate with clients, and assist users in their needs.
When making a purchase decision, 75% of individuals use social media. A smart Facebook marketing strategy is the only way to influence this process. Our Facebook Marketing Service is intended to fit your business needs and includes all solutions to succeed on social media.


selectMeasurable Performance

One of the advantages of Facebook is that it permits you to measure the effectiveness of actions taken both inside Facebook (e.g., reach, engagements) and view more

selectGreat customer service

Facebook allows direct communication between you and your customers. Customers get the information and help they need, as well view more

selectMore Traffic Directly to Your Website

Facebook drives additional traffic to your website and the customers who go to the website from Facebook are likely view more




Indeed, all businesses should have a public presence on Instagram, however there are industries for which this is an absolute necessity: HoReCa, clothing and accessories, beauty products and services, Health and sports.
In terms of its capabilities, Instagram now and again outperforms other social media platforms. Here, in addition to beautiful visual content, users are provided with interactive stories, camera filters, videos of industry influencers, reels with helpful tips, interesting giveaways, etc. All this creates additional value for the user and further contributes to increased engagement with the brand.
We will create content that will help capture the desired outcomes, create a competitive advantage and capture users' attention. All this is possible because WeProdigi, unlike many other digital agencies, has a separate creative and production department that specializes in creating unique and effective visual assets.


selectLarge and active audience

The audience of Instagram is not only one of the largest, but also the most dynamic, interacting with the brand through likes and comments. Brands view more

selectRange of features for marketing

Instagram is not only a platform for providing information about the product, but thanks to its various tools it view more

selectIntegrated online shop

Instagram also has the ability to shop online. By clicking on a product image, users can see its price, view more




LinkedIn is the number one B2B platform where, with the help of marketing, you can reach the representatives of targeted organizations. It is effective for B2C as well since the user is not only an employee of an X company but is also a consumer of thousands of other products and services. Unlike other social networks, LinkedIn users are more mature, analytical, and serious about any information they receive. Taking this into consideration, LinkedIn has the benefit of providing specific information that is difficult for others to assimilate. Moreover, it is the most effective platform for demonstrating corporate culture, positioning yourself as a good employer, or finding new employees. As a B2B company with over 100 B2C customers, we do know how to do LinkedIn marketing to get the most out of it. This may be evidenced by the page of our company.


selectCorporate culture

No matter how much LinkedIn has changed over the years, the first association with this platform is being a connecting view more

selectLead generation platform

LinkedIn offers very personal ways of identifying potential leads, engaging them and turning them into view more

selectTraffic building

LinkedIn has a social sharing button that enables you to share content in your status updates (which are visible view more




Want your brand to become popular among Gen Z? Develop your Snapchat account, as it’s main audience is a younger demographic, and Snapchat can be a potent source of engagement.
If your business wants to connect with people under the age of 35, Snapchat is the right place to be. It is a great opportunity for brands to target new audiences (more than one third of Snapchat users can’t be found on Instagram or Facebook) and increase brand’s social media presence.
Unlike other social media platforms, Snapchat connects the brand with users in its geographic area and helps users recognize your brand. Businesses are using Snapchat for brands in order to promote their products and services by producing original content for the platform.
Our Snapchat Marketing Service is intended to make the most of this platform for marketing your business and find the right audience for you, by presenting the brand with dynamic visuals, making it easy to stand out in the crowd. Our experts are specialized in introducing features designed specifically to serve the brand’s needs, including goal-based bidding options, enhanced audience targeting, optimized geofilters and many more. We deliver those results by not only launching strong campaigns, but actively monitoring them to identify which strategies are most effective, closely tracking, measuring, and reporting essential campaign data.


selectSpecific Audience

Obviously, this depends on your industry and audience (so it’s a good idea to do research first and map out your buyer personas). But if you’re looking to connect with people under the age of view more

selectLocation marketing

Snapchat recently introduced ‘Snap Map‘, a feature that allows users to share their location with their friends or access anything that’s happening all over the world. This feature provides a platform for marketers to explore view more

selectBetter Reach

While there is no doubt some ranking system at work, a company's Snaps will get seen by those who choose to follow them or seek them out (Snaps can be public). Organic reach is a view more



If you are looking for different content and want your business to catch up with all the trends and challenges of the digital world, Twitter is the most suitable platform for you.
Here users are more free, engaging in various challenges and they anticipate brands to be more free and share more interactive content. Alongside its lightness and interactiveness, Twitter has all the required tools for running sales driven marketing: specific audience targeting tools, content sharing which boost website stream, advanced analytics, integration with CRMs.
In Twitter the number of symbols is limited to save users time which directly reflect the essence of our motto “We value your time”. Being a company which values customers time the highest, we know how to provide required content in a brief simple way, which will still be catchy and interactive.


selectConnect the audience emotionally

Twitter can be used not only as a simple communication channel to answer customer queries, but as a fantastic bridge view more

selectGreat tool for market research and analysis

Twitter can be used to understand consumer behaviour and accordingly to make a decision about what works in view more

selectTwitter boosts Search Engine Ranking

Did you know that Google and Twitter have a strong partnership? This partnership gives Google access to the view more

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How do our SMM services work


Starting Point

After receiving your request, within 24 hours our account manager will reach you, present the proposal structure and deadline. The more information you provide about-us-new your needs and business, the more extended and targeted offers we will be able to provide. The information provided by you is 100% confidential.


Custom proposal creation

Our specialists create a custom proposal based on our research and the provided information, which includes SM pages audit, competitive analysis, our main proposal, the scope of work, budget. This will give you an idea of your current SM presence from a different perspective and an overview of the team’s assistance.


Project confirmation

During the kick-off meeting, our specialists present the proposal and answer all the questions you may have. Simultaneously, you get acquainted with the on-working team. After your final approval, we move on to the strategy development phase.


Explore working with us

Our partners will be happy to personally confirm the review written by them and answer the questions you are interested in. Being an international organization, we give you the opportunity to get to know the experience of our previous clients from your country.Start exploring WeProdigi reviews now!Check out our reviews and find out why clients choose to experience digital with us.


Do you guarantee sales?

Nobody can ensure sales for your business, because professional SMM services are intended to help businesses succeed on Social Media and this indirectly impacts on generating sales. Furthermore, as an experienced agency, we can guarantee traffic to your website, brand awareness, and engagement, but we can't guarantee increased sales. We'll use our industry expertise to manage your social media efforts, but it's ultimately up to you to satisfy your target audience and encourage sales.

Can I pre-approve the posts before they go live?

We will send you fortnightly content to approve and request amends before it’s due to go live the week after. That way, you can always see what we have lined up, make any changes, or request design modifications beforehand.

How do you get information about-us-new my target?

At the very beginning of the cooperation, we send a questionnaire, where the client fills in information about-us-new the business and the target audience. In addition, we use analytic tools that permit us to accumulate information about-us-new the target audience and build future activities dependent on it. This is all about-us-new personalized service.

What if my business doesn't have Social Media accounts?

In case of cooperation with us, we create and set up social media pages free of any charges, and you will have complete ownership of those accounts as well.

What days of the week will you post on?

Although we create your posts and design your content calendar during the working week, they will be scheduled to go live on the days we agree. We will consistently look at your social media insights on each platform to see when your followers are most active to recommend optimum days and times to post.

How long does it take to have the first social media post published?

On average, our usual preparation process requires from five to seven business days. But if you have a set deadline, we always try to offer custom solutions without any extra fees.
During this period, our specialists do research and collect information about your business, based on which the content is created and presented to you.

How much involvement will I have?

It is totally up to you. We have created a management process where everything is done to save your time. Simultaneously, you can be integrated into every process of our cooperation and hold discussions and brainstorming with us.

What about-us-new payment?

Billing is carried out in 2 milestones: the first one after the first week of collaboration, and the other part at the end of the month. Kindly note that the research part is not included in the first working week, hence, the one-month period starts from the day we send you the content of the first week.

Do I have benefits if I order SMM services on more than 1 platform?

Yes. You do not have to pay the same price for each platform separately as we create a package that includes full service on the platforms of your choice, and you pay less for each platform that will be added as well.

Can I use social media videos on my website?

Yes. The social media videos we create can be used both on the website and for different purposes. We are happy to help our partners to achieve their business goals.


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