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If you are in the growth stage of your small or medium-sized business and want to drive more traffic to your website, generate more leads, increase conversion rates, and improve customer engagement and online sales, paid ads services are so far the most effective and practical way to get results in all the touchpoints. Running view more

We've driven 658110 leads for our clients through paid ads services.

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What our paid ads clients say

WeProdigi Agency brought 1250 leads and 250 conversions in just three months, improving the ROI. They effectively liaised with the internal team and showcased a keen understanding ...

David Joness, CEO

Aventura Travel

Video Production
Web Development


The company does everything to save your time

The provided consultation helped us increase the results by 40%. The solutions related to Instagram tools and content creativity were view more



CTO, Picsart

Their team is incredibly professional and knowledgeable

The efforts of Prodigi have been producing the intended results. They continue to communicate effectively, providing view more



Head of Bentley Yerevan

Our company's inbound calls increased four times and 75% were successfully converted into sales

With WeProdigi Agency’s efforts, Our company's inbound calls increased four times view more



Head of Sales, ProfConstruct

Their clear and thorough communication throughout the project was impressive

I found most impressive about Prodigi their attention to details, their creativity and view more




SelectTvFormats LTD


Vohco - Ecommerce Case

We have increased the sales from 0 to $9000 only in a month. The number of orders from 0 to 43.

we bring results

How we create business growth

Dedicated team who understands your business goals
Multichannel tracking system which helps track results in real-time
Certified specialists, who knows every tricks and tools from advertising to creative solutions
Google Partner status, which brings benefits like Google’s reward program, exclusive webinars and etc.
Clear and concise reporting with 100% transparency and professional analysis

The latest digital technologies power our campaigns

To provide tangible and immediate results, we are fully armed with cutting-edge digital technologies to evolve into our clients’ business goals. Aside from world-class technologies, we also utilize owned technologies to create more value for view more

certified by

This certificate badge shows that we are Google’s official partners, we have appropriate benefits like view more
This credential is awarded to our digital marketers who have proficiency in the skills, tools, advertising view more
This certificate shows that our team is fluent in analytics and processing data to gain key view more
This badge shows that we’re pros in the advertising platform to help you maximize budget and view more
This badge includes certificates for Email Marketing, Inbound Sales, Social Media, view more
This certificate demonstrates our knowledge of the core principles and strategy behind social view more
This badge shows that we’re experts in growth & innovation, advertising, we experience work fluidly, view more
This puts us among the global creative staff, from research to objectives, view more
Meet Your future team

Every great project is the result of a team that puts ideas into action, shapes them, and gives them words. And every great team is led by a direction that energizes, orients, and engages its members. With the commitment as the cornerstone of the teamwork, we have gathered and nurtured true professionals in their specialties delivering exceptional quality and results with teamwork in each of our projects. Our corporate culture is built on mutual trust, respect, accountability, and high-level communication. At Prodigi, each service is supported by a complete team of in-house professionals, covering all the current services. It means, regardless of your business industry, stage of business growth, or requirements, we are capable of addressing your needs with an action plan. With our team of digital marketing professionals, social media specialists, designers, and production specialists, we are able to cover the full-cycle digital marketing services and provide real measurable results.

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