Our Paid Advertising Service Includes

Guaranteed Leads

We guarantee you will have leads or purchases, depending on your business goals. If there is no result, we return the service management fee.

Campaign development & strategy

We create the advertising strategy considering the effectiveness of platforms and tools for your business and set up ad campaigns.

Keyword research and selection

We do keyword research and pick the most relevant keywords used by potential customers to find your products or services.

Industry analysis

We even do industry analysis, which allows us to find the competitive advantages/disadvantages and better understand ways to attract your target audience.

Ad campaign copywriting

We create ad copies, where we pay the main attention to creativity and CTA messages.

Ad Banners Creation

We also create two banner creatives for Display advertising, which are fully animated and meet the parameters for having effective HTML5 banners in ads platforms.

Ad Performance Testing

No one can guarantee that the created texts and visuals will work immediately, so we do continuous AB testing to find the most optimal options to increase ads performance.

Google analytics integration & goal tracking

Without measurability and data analysis, our actions will not succeed, so we integrate Google Analytics, set goals, and monitor progress throughout.

Strategic bid management

We don't want you to waste a single penny more, so we use smart bidding technologies to get the best possible results for the lowest price.


Through remarketing, we will try to recapture valuable users, enhance brand awareness, and increase lead generation rates. We do remarketing campaign setup and management.

Website conversion analysis reporting

Conversion analysis is a critical part of any marketing strategy. By understanding the customer conversion funnel, and discovering which keywords and marketing channels are driving traffic, we are able to optimize conversion and build a top-notch strategy.

Monthly Reports & Consultation

Our account manager meets with you/your team to discuss your campaign’s results and opportunities for improvement.