We Value
More than 100 years have passed since Frederick Taylor published his principles of scientific management. Back then, employees were limited in choices and treated as productive machines with alienated spirits. Fast forward to the present, we are breaking those principles giving more space for employees for self-development, knowledge acquisition, and all the power to grow and evolve. Employability, the ability to gain and maintain a desired job, now depends more on employees' desire to learn new skills rather than on expertise they already have. Putting forward employees’ willingness and learnability, we still appreciate and encourage their initiatives and value academic qualifications as a solid base for further development. We accept employees as the most valuable asset and part of core values investing in their education and developing corporate learning in several directions.
We Nurture learning
We hold regular knowledge sharing and team building sessions that are to answer the following questions: “What is the last book you read that opened your mind? (Simply reading the articles your Facebook friends share doesn’t count.) When did you last devote time to study another industry? How hard do you try to break your default routine at work? How often do you ask “why”?”. Even a piece of new information shared with team members is invaluable. Little by little, drop by drop, we fill the ocean of knowledge.
“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”
- Henry Ford
We Reward knowledge

To nurture and motivate continuous learning, it is not enough to hire curious people and hope they display as much learnability as expected. We realize that rewarding is the best means of motivation.

Rewards, everyone loves them. Be it feedback or material prize, we do love being rewarded. We provide new and challenging opportunities for those self-directed and motivated learners to acquire knowledge and be rewarded by broadening their expertise and increasing value to the company and themselves. We hold regular events and activities to promote learnability in our company: gather around a conference, host guest speakers, and share information that is intellectually stimulating and has the potential to nurture employees’ curiosity. Even rewarding the tiniest efforts like writing a blog, sharing articles on social media, or recommending books and movies we create a unique atmosphere and culture acting as catalysts of employees’ learnability.

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We Focus on real-world situations

People eagerly participate in learning, remembering new skills, and sharing knowledge if involved in real-world situations. We create the best environment where our specialists can test, use and analyze the new skills they have learned, and give them the power of making mistakes and not be scared of them.

We Encourage networking

Whether internal or external, we encourage the networking of employees as a means of knowledge sharing. Those groups are valuable assets within the organization and a talent pool for future team growth.

We give Mentorship opportunities

Continuous learning and growth are possible if led by knowledgeable mentors. We connect new talents and learners with experience to fill the knowledge gap. A friendly environment and regular contact with mentors give employees a space to speak openly about their learning and growth challenges.

Knowledge is the most valuable and permanent asset we will always choose for investment.