We are tiny particles of the great world working and living for a mission, devoting life, and creating value. ProDigi is a commercial organization that pursues interests of its own. Nevertheless, as an indefeasible part of a society, our company and each of its members strive to contribute to the community as much as possible. To make an impact, we are working in several directions.
Raising awareness

Despite media availability and constant information flow, there are still problems that need broader coverage and social awareness. Our team implements all possible levers of influence to raise awareness and invest in the most sensitive and crucial projects. For several years in a row, we have been donating 1% of our approved projects’ profit to various charity projects (Breast Cancer view more

Supporting social initiatives

Social initiatives make a powerful impact in society, bringing people around the idea, supporting the target groups, and creating a community for the future. We foster social initiatives and endeavor to support them by providing free advertising and information spread through various social channels. We have supported and continue encouraging initiatives like anti-smoking campaigns, Covid safety measures, the promotion of vaccines, and more.

Growing talent pool

With rapidly developing technologies and evolving digital world, we lack specialists who assist in creating a value proposition. We have found a way to nurture industry professionals that will become valuable assets for our company and the entire digital community. Regular internship programs in ProDigi have proven efficiency in filling the gap between knowledge and practice. We give a chance to students and graduates to gain experience and get on the path of career growth.

Hand in hand in the post-Covid world

The pandemic has divided our lives into pre and post-Covid reality. Moreover, the global paralysis during the lockdown was devastating for most businesses. Those that survived and managed to reach post-Covid reality faced other challenges. The digital world has also undergone dramatic transformations. Our team understands the power of community and the importance of assisting each other in Force Majeure situations. Covid is definitely the most striking crisis that shook the world, and we all needed good friends. ProDigi has become a good friend for many businesses providing free support to businesses affected by Covid.

Promoting startup growth

The competitive market is vicious to startups, and even the most creative idea with potential may not survive the competition. We have developed a particular collaboration strategy with startups and growing businesses that need a little more contribution and support in the first stages of building a reputation. The partnership implies the services chosen by a client as well additional free features to boost brand recognition.